Why or Why Not with the Watsons

From the outside it may look like we get along "all the time".  Let us be the first to tell you that is not the case.  Meet "Why" aka Benjamin and "Why Not" aka Kirsten as we discuss topics ranging from keeping the spark in your love story, to how to talk to your kids about race.  Tune in to hear how we approached the crazy life of the NFL and mindfully apply biblical truth to our daily lives with our family. You will laugh and you may cry, but in the end our hope is that our different approaches to situations bless you and your family. Podcast episodes are coming soon!

Episode 39 - 4 Reasons Why Family Camp Is For You

Jun 21, 2021
Don’t judge too quickly! How often do you take your entire family to camp? We know it’s important to connect, but how often does it truly happen? In this episode, The Watson’s share when they intentionally got away with their family and connected—and why you should look into family camp to connect with your family more than ever.
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Episode 38 - “You’re Leaving Again?!” How to Navigate Traveling and Your Family

Jun 14, 2021
Traveling is something every family has to learn to navigate. Whether it’s for work or play, travel brings its own difficulties when you're married and have kids. One spouse is usually left to manage everything at home. In this episode, the Watson’s share how they navigate traveling while married with kids, and how to stay connected through it all.
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Episode 37 - Summer and Screen Time: 3 Ways to Win While Your Kids Are Out of School

Jun 7, 2021
The kids are home, but without school to keep them busy and learning. What are you going to do?! From video games, TVs, and devices, it’s difficult for parents to know how much screen time is too much. Our screens can control us—or we can control our screens. While every family is different, in this episode, the Watson’s share three ways they navigate screen time by having a plan, creating rules, and using it to their advantage.
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Episode 36 - Advice for Fueling Your Bible Engagement

Jun 1, 2021
How’s that yearly Bible reading plan going so far?! Between the busyness of work, kids, school, and life...have you stayed on track? As married couples and parents, do you feel like you have answers for what life throws at you? From what happens when someone treats you wrong to when you’re overlooked for that job promotion, where do you turn and where do you point others? In this episode, the Watson’s share their struggles and stories of trying to engage with Scripture. Listen as they reveal what makes them worship in weariness, pray in persecution, and keep pointing to God through it all.
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Episode 35 - How To Never Give Up As Parents

May 24, 2021
Work, marriage, life...all of it seems exhausting. Then, kids come along. How do you get through your day when your day doesn’t seem to end? In the midst of being overwhelmed, what keeps you going? In this episode, the Watson’s share their experiences of having five kids—and then having a set of twins. Twins! Listen as the Watson's reflect on all the exhausting challenges that come their way each day. And, hear how they remain hopeful and motivated to never give up.
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Episode 34 - 3 Ways To Make the Most of This Summer with Your Family

May 17, 2021
Cue the music: School's out for Summer! School's out FOREVER! Well, not forever, just a few months. But, even in the next few months, what’s your plan for keeping the kids busy? In this episode, the Watson’s share three ways they plan on maximizing the Summer. Hint: their plan centers on the three f’s of faith, family, and fun! Listen as the Watson's reflect on what made their Summers great growing up and how they plan on intentionally enjoying this quickly-passing season while making it memorable as a family.
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Episode 33 - What’s Really Going On With All of The Birthday Parties?

May 10, 2021
In the age of gift bags for attendees, Instagrammable decorations, and out-of-this-world celebrations—and this is just for kids’ parties—recent birthdays have made the Watson’s look deeper into what’s behind birthday celebrations for their family. In this episode, the Watson’s look at what to do when there are multiple young kids in the house, how to deal with jealousy from siblings, and much more. Listen as the Watson's reflect on what they’ve learned from recent birthdays and find out how to be more thoughtful during what can be memorable milestones.
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Episode 32 - Lordy, Lordy, Someone’s Turning 40!

May 3, 2021
We won’t say who’s turning 40. You’ll have to listen to find out! But, one of the Watson’s is about to celebrate a major milestone. In this episode, the Watson’s look back over the years at how they’ve celebrated birthdays and all of the ups, downs, and in-betweens of having babies and playing professional football. Listen as the Watson's reflect on what they’ve learned over the years and find out three things they would tell their younger selves.
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Episode 31 - How to Help Your Kids Face Their Fears

Apr 26, 2021
What are your kids afraid of? If you ask them, who knows what you might find out! Fear grips everyone at some point and can often be crippling. Our fears are often rooted in control or lack of control. In this episode, The Watson’s share how we can remember what’s happened in the past and recognize when our kids have been able to overcome fear. Through everything, you will find that it’s our job as parents to point our kids to the Ultimate Comforter no matter what fears may come.
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Episode 30 - Two Ways to Look at Our Biggest Fears

Apr 19, 2021
What are you afraid of? Whether it’s in marriage or parenting, fear gets everyone. Fear magnifies issues and is often far from reality. In this episode, The Watson’s share some of their strongest fears. Through those fears, they discuss why it’s vital to look at what fear is telling us about ourselves and what it’s telling us about our view of God. Our fears will come out in our marriages and in our parenting. It’s time to overcome our fears so we live free to point our families to God.
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