Why or Why Not with the Watsons

From the outside it may look like we get along "all the time".  Let us be the first to tell you that is not the case.  Meet "Why" aka Benjamin and "Why Not" aka Kirsten as we discuss topics ranging from keeping the spark in your love story, to how to talk to your kids about race.  Tune in to hear how we approached the crazy life of the NFL and mindfully apply biblical truth to our daily lives with our family. You will laugh and you may cry, but in the end our hope is that our different approaches to situations bless you and your family. Podcast episodes are coming soon!

Episode 52 - Who Dat Part 2: One More Year with the New Orleans Saints

Sep 20, 2021
After leaving Baltimore, The Watson’s headed back to New Orleans to play one more year with the Saints. Listen in and hear about the wins, the losses, and all of the in-between struggles of going back to play for Who Dat Nation. In this episode, The Watson’s share what happened on and off the field with football, a growing family, and how they learned in a fresh way, how to trust that God was in control.
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Episode 51 - Takeaways from Playing with the Baltimore Ravens

Sep 13, 2021
There is a lot that goes unseen when playing in the NFL. From getting injured on the field to struggles and suffering off of the field, fans rarely see what’s happening off of the field. The Watson’s experienced a lot of setbacks in their time with the Baltimore Ravens. They say in Baltimore, “Play Like a Raven.” It often means playing tough, resilient, and with character. In this episode, The Watson’s look back at their tough yet fruitful time with the Ravens. Listen in as they share takeaways with the purple and black both on and off of the field that truly live up to “Playing Like a Raven.”
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Episode 50 - 5 Takeaways from Playing with the New Orleans Saints

Sep 6, 2021
There’s a lot that goes with years of playing in the NFL. Not only do players get to experience living in different cities, they also get all of the changes that take place in their family. The Watson’s experienced a lot during their time in New Orleans. In this episode, The Watson’s look back at their experiences of playing for the New Orleans Saints. Listen in as they share a few takeaways from their time with the black and gold.
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Episode 49 - 5 Takeaways from Playing with the Cleveland Browns

Aug 30, 2021
After years in the NFL with several different teams and life changes, The Watson’s learned a lot about business, sports, and life. In this episode, The Watson’s look back at their experiences of playing with the Cleveland Browns. Listen as they share five takeaways from their days of playing football that apply well to the journey of marriage, family, and life.
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Episode 48 - 3 Lessons We Learned from Playing in the NFL

Aug 23, 2021
NFL training camp is over, the preseason is happening, and the regular season is about to be on us. In this episode, The Watson’s look back at God’s faithfulness and protection over their years in different NFL cities. Listen as they share the difficulties and obstacles they faced along the way and what it can mean for you and your journey.
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Episode 47 - How To Set Your Family Up for Success In The New School Year

Aug 16, 2021
From family time and fun to fishing and trips, Summer has hopefully been a memorable time of connecting with your family. Now, how can you make those memories last beyond Summer? In this episode, The Watson’s share how they plan to create connecting points with their family in the coming months. Listen as they share how they are helping their family understand the importance of setting goals so they succeed throughout the school year.
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Episode 46 - The Importance of Finding 1-on-1 Time With Your Kids

Aug 9, 2021
They say more is caught than taught. When it comes to parenting children, this is often true. But, how do you find time to model correct behavior, speak truth into your kids’ lives, and connect in a meaningful way? In this episode, The Watson’s share how they create intentional times with each of their kids. They discuss how to make meaningful times of connection a priority—from special trips to weekly walks around the neighborhood. Listen as they share ideas to help each child feel connected and open to talk about anything and everything.
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Episode 45 - 3 Questions To Ask Your Kids About Arguing In Front Of Them

Aug 2, 2021
How you argue matters! In some marriages, there’s very little arguing. In others, there’s lots of it. With kids, it’s important to know where to draw the line. In this episode, The Watson’s share how they handle arguments in their house. Listen in as they share experiences in their marriage and family. They discuss what’s worth arguing about, when to do it, where to do it, and when to call it finished.
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Episode 44 - How to Handle Singleness and Dating

Jul 26, 2021
Being single can be tough—if you don’t want to be single! There are a lot of questions about singleness and dating. Culture has a lot to say on this topic. But, culture is often wrong. How do you handle singleness and dating as a believer? Listen as The Watson’s share their experiences of being single, dating, being married, and living in obedience to God in all things.
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Episode 43 - What To Do When the Church Hurts You

Jul 19, 2021
We know the church is a group of people—and people aren’t perfect. But, what happens when it’s the church that hurts you? From all that’s going on today—race issues, sexual failure, emotional and physical abuse—all of it can be so deflating as a believer. We need wisdom to know what to do in these situations. Listen as The Watson’s share their experiences over the last few years and how they are learning to navigate church today so they can go forward authentically.
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