core values


In our daily lives, we look to conduct all relationships in family and society with fairness, generosity, and equity.


Faith is the foundation that informs life’s decisions relationships and pursuits. Because of this faith I fervently address the physical ills of the world with the hope of sharing the essential, equalizing and everlasting spiritual cure for mankind’s most pressing dilemma. The Gospel must always remain at the center of our lives because it is the power of God unto salvation for all who believe.


That I live by, react in, and uphold that which surpasses opinion, rhetoric and emotion. Our various backgrounds influence how our world view, yet in spite of this fact, we must always seek to discover the facts, whether they affirm our conclusions or disprove them.


Kindness is contagious. Extravagant or simple, we all can do something kind for someone else. When we do, the receiver often becomes the giver, creating a ripple effect that changes communities, regions and countries one person at a time. Searching for opportunities to extend kindness transcends, culture, class and creed and affirms the dignity every human being possesses.


Justice is an umbrella that covers many of the most contested issues of our day. As fellow citizens and advocates for justice we give people, regardless of their status, what they are due, whether punishment, protection or care.  In our daily lives we look to conduct all relationships in family and society with fairness, generosity and equity.



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