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In our daily lives, we look to conduct all relationships in family and society with fairness, generosity, and equity.


That I live by, react in, and uphold that which surpasses opinion, rhetoric and emotion. Our various backgrounds influence how our world view, yet in spite of this fact, we must always seek to discover the facts, whether they affirm our conclusions or disprove them.


Justice is an umbrella that covers many of the most contested issues of our day. As fellow citizens and advocates for justice we give people, regardless of their status, what they are due, whether punishment, protection or care.  In our daily lives we look to conduct all relationships in family and society with fairness, generosity and equity.


Faith is the foundation that informs life’s decisions relationships and pursuits. Because of this faith I fervently address the physical ills of the world with the hope of sharing the essential, equalizing and everlasting spiritual cure for mankind’s most pressing dilemma. The Gospel must always remain at the center of our lives because it is the power of God unto salvation for all who believe.


The family has always been the building block of human existence. The health of this essential unit is of utmost importance for the emotional, developmental, cognitive and spiritual growth of the next generation. At the center of this unit, the most important union of all, marriage, is to be honored, nurtured and held in high esteem. Marriage is hard work, but like any challenge it pays dividends that extend far beyond the man and woman involved.


Today too many children are growing up without a father in the home. As dads we our our son’s first hero and our daughter’s first love. Our presence, support, discipline and love gives them the identity esteem and confidence to face the challenges of life. Whether we had a relationship with our own father or not, we have an opportunity to be the spiritual leaders, protectors and providers of our homes. We are needed and we have what it takes!


Kindness is contagious. Extravagant or simple, we all can do something kind for someone else. When we do, the receiver often becomes the giver, creating a ripple effect that changes communities, regions and countries one person at a time. Searching for opportunities to extend kindness transcends, culture, class and creed and affirms the dignity every human being possesses.

Freedom Friday: A Social Media Initiative

“For you were called to freedom, brethren; only do not turn your freedom into an opportunity for the flesh, but through love serve one another.” — Galatians 5:13

True freedom is that which is spent for the uplifting of OTHERS. In a variety of different causes, the people in each of these organizations are tirelessly working to free people from physical, emotional and spiritual bondage, removing seen and unseen obstacles so that they are free to reach their fullest potential. 

My goal is to thank them for their perseverance and dedication by sharing their work with the masses and by donating $5,000 to each #FreedomFriday honoree. 

My hope is that you will LEARN about each cause, multiply our gift by DONATING each Friday to the chosen non-profit through the links provided and commit to VOLUNTEER if able. 


On any single night across America over 500,000 people
are experiencing homelessness. Many are staying in emergency shelters, transitional housing programs, or safe havens, while others remain in unsheltered locations.

New Orleans Mission is the largest faith-based private service provider to the homeless population of the greater #NewOrleans area and the economically disadvantaged residents of Central City. The Mission rescues those living on the streets of the city and provides shelter, food and clothing to the homeless population as well as programs and services that holistically meet their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.

Their strategy is to RESCUE people from physical, sexual abuse, mental illness, financial hardship and addictions; strengthen the RECOVERY efforts of the people seeking their support, and fostering their successful RE-ENGAGEMENT into society as healthy, disciplined skilled people ready to lead a sustainable productive purpose-driven life.

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Today, there are more than 40 million men women and children living as slaves around the world; more than any time in human history. Their lives are not their own. Their futures are uncertain. Pain, humiliation and exploitation is a daily experience. Though their futures seem dark and uncertain this week’s #FreedomFriday honoree is a beacon of light, rescuing the enslaved, bringing criminals to justice, restoring survivors, and strengthening justice systems around the world so that these atrocities cease to exist. 

International Justice Mission is the largest international anti-slavery organization in the world. Their work protecting the poor against brutal violence in the developing world addresses such injustices as land theft, sex trafficking, forced labor slavery, police abuse of power, and sexual violence against children. 

Over the last several years, I have witnessed the work of International Justice Mission first hand, consulting with their staff domestically and twice traveling overseas to field offices abroad. These trips have been life changing for my wife and I, opening our eyes to the depths of evil to which mankind can sink while simultaneously revealing the hope that drives the lawyers, investigators and aftercare workers to continually battle for the body and souls of the vulnerable. 

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Operation Restoration is serving and empowering those who are many times forgotten by our justice system and community at large by empowering them to lead productive and flourishing lives after incarceration. Founded by Syrita Steib Martin, @operationrestorationtheor was created to provide a community where impoverished women and girls have access to the basic fundamentals they need to successfully reenter society. After assisting women with the fundamentals (food, clothing, and shelter) needed upon release the staff focuses on helping women obtain educational opportunities ranging from early literacy through college credit courses.

Operation Restoration also operates a resource center, offers programs for girls, and continues to engage in advocacy and policy work to improve the lives of women and girls in Louisiana and across the nation. In a state that has been called the ‘Prison Capital’ of the world, Operation Restoration is providing the formerly incarcerated the skills and support to exchange recidivism and poverty for economic security and long-term success. They are providing these women the FREEDOM to reach their full potential. 

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Every morning, I walk into the bathroom turn on the faucet in the sink and begin the cleansing ritual that signals the start of a new day. I brush my teeth, wash my face, flush the toilet and shower. Most importantly, as the hours past and I am thirsty throughout the day I will drink as much as I want, without hesitation, worry or insufficient supply. WATER, safe water, is essential for human existence yet it is not available to everyone. In fact, 2.4 billion people around the world are in need of safe water. For a number of reasons including corruption, refugee crises, natural disasters and developing countries these men women and children are suffering in a number of ways. 

Water Mission has provided 4 million people with access to safe water in 55 countries since 2001. A Christian nonprofit engineering organization that designs, builds, and implements safe water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) solutions for people in developing countries and disaster areas, my wife Kirsten and I had the opportunity to partner with them a few years ago on a large project in the country of Kenya, eventually providing sustainable clean water to villages in the region. I can not express the joy we witnessed on so many faces as we watched video of safe water flowing where it previously had not. Water builds hope!

Water Mission


All Pro Dad has equipped, edified, and intentionally engaged countless men across the country helping them love and lead their families well. 

In their own words, “It is our vision for every child to know the love of a dad. By fighting fatherlessness, by turning the hearts of the fathers to their children and vice a versa, we can greatly improve a child’s academic performance and lower risk for drug abuse, behavioral disorders, and suicide. Thereby, offering the child hope for the future.” As a father and husband All Pro Dad has been not only a resource for me but a continual reminder that leading and loving my family is indeed my greatest privilege and responsibility. Their commitment to families is giving fathers, mothers and their children the freedom to reach their full potential within the home and beyond! 

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Human Coalition is a compassion-filled, tech-driven nonprofit that rescues preborn children and their families from abortion. Their abortion-ending strategy fuses technology, best practices, tangible help and extended care to serve the women and men who are actively seeking an abortion.

Through their in-house contact centers which connect mothers to pregnancy centers around the country and their own women’s care clinics (Atlanta, Dallas, Raleigh, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Charlotte) Human Coalition’s team of diverse professionals tirelessly refines proprietary technologies and holistic approaches to rescue children and serve families in America’s most abortion-dense cities. Their commitment to life is giving freedom to these families to achieve their full potential. 

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APEX Community Advancement, Inc. was formed for the expressed purpose of supporting, innovating and creating programs and services focusing on the needs of young people from age 5 through 25.  Their first goal and major project was to create a flagship youth/teen center which I visited that day in early July. 

The APEX Youth Center services children, primarily ages 12 to 18, during the day, with special activities and programs in the evening targeted to teens and young adults between 16 and 25.  Mentorship training for older teens and young adults is offered side by side with afternoon programming.  Homework help, tutoring, computer access, non-violent video games, a pool table and indoor and outdoor team sports and recreation are offered to allow the kids to experience real-life encounters in a safe and structured environment. The APEX Youth Center allows children and teens a positive, supervised, and structured atmosphere to play, learn, work, serve and dream.  Currently, APEX sees between 40 to 120 children, teens and young adults each day along with volunteers from both the New Orleans area and across the country and the world.

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