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Sis, Take a Breath: Encouragement for the Woman Who's Trying to Live and Love Well (but Secretly Just Wants to Take a Nap)

Learn to Live and Love Well in Today's Frantic World

Are your hands so full with the demands of everyday life that you have trouble finding a moment to simply catch your breath? Kirsten Watson gets it—and she wants to encourage you in your moments of crazy. As a mom of seven kids, the wife of a professional athlete, and the cohost of a popular podcast, Kirsten is often asked by other women, “How do you do it?” They see her with her hands full and wonder what keeps her going—and smiling—with everything she’s juggling. In Sis, Take a Breath, Kirsten offers you encouragement during the daily chaos, practical help for the moments when it’s hard to take a deep breath, truth from Scripture when you need strength to keep going, and relatable personal stories to help you live and love well in today’s frantic world. You have so much to manage that simply taking a deep breath feels so . . . good. Life is busy. But Kirsten wants to reassure you: Breathe in, sis. Now breathe out. You’ve got this.



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